We have appointed a committed Governing Body with the breadth of skills needed to oversee both the pre-opening and post-opening phases of Emmanuel Community School. They have played a critical role in the opening of the School, and will continue to play this role in running an effective school.

The Governing Body is legally the body attached to The Emmanuel School Trust (TEST) which is responsible for maintaining the vision and ethos and the strategic planning of the school. Their role will be to set the overall direction, monitor and evaluate performance and determine key policies.

Our Governing body will be made up of Parents, Staff, Community Governors and Directors of TEST, all bringing unique views and different skills.

We value all our Governors, and understand that they are volunteers and do this out of a desire to serve and improve the school and help to uphold standards.  Our Governors help to support the Head Teacher as a ‘critical friend’ and offer a broad breadth of skills and expertise to help guide us.

The Governing body will seek to enhance and improve the reputation and standing of the school in the wider community, we recognise that we have a diverse social and economic pupil base and we want to celebrate the international, cultural and ethnic mix within the school.

We have three committees who meet regularly during the school year and report back to the full governing body.  Our committees are FPH – Finance, Premises and HR, CSI – Curriculum, Standards and ICT and Admissions.

If you want to contact the Governing body you can do so by speaking to the school office or by emailing them: with – For the attention of GOVERNORS in the subject line.

Anthony Hodgkinson - Chair of Governors



In accordance with the Academies Financial Handbook, below are the relevant business and pecuniary interests for The Emmanuel School Trust Directors and Members.

Name and Committee

Trust Category

 Company Involvement

Other personal interests

Holding shares or other securities as shareholder

Dr A Oluwatudimu FPH Committee Director Director in Aktimon Limited and Spouse is a Director of Trust. Nil Nil
Rev A Hodgkinson FPH Committee Director Minister of Religion at Emmanuel Christian Centre and Director of Greenleaf Trust Nil Nil
Rev D Williams CSI Committee Director Minister of Religion at Emmanuel Christian Centre and Director of Greenleaf Trust Nil Nil
Mrs T OluwatudimuCSI Committee Director Director of Aktimon Ltd. Spouse is a Member of the Trust Nil Nil
Mr B Greaves CSI Committee Director Spouse is employed by The Trust. Nil Nil
Mr R IrishFPH Committee Director Nil Nil Nil
Mrs S Williams Staff Governor Member of staff of ECS Nil Nil
Mr P Lewis FPH & CSI Committee Head Teacher Nil Nil Nil
Mrs S Wilks Parent Representative Nil Nil Nil
Mrs S Reid-Harley Parent Representatives Daughter member of staff at ECS Ni  Nil