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About Us

We have a clear vision and ethos for our school that will positively impact local children and the education they receive. Emmanuel Community School aims to nurture and educate children in a Christian environment in order to prepare children for life, that they may achieve their full potential and become valuable members of society.

Our aim is to develop pupils with active and creative minds, with a sense of understanding and compassion for others.  We will do this by employing teachers who will inspire children to be imaginative and creative. This helps to motivate children to want to learn. We will lay down firm foundations by giving literacy and numeracy a high priority. Children will be encouraged to express themselves in art, drama, music, dance and sport to provide every child with the opportunity to find their talents and shine.

We aim to develop the whole person, we want our children to be good citizens, able to communicate with their peers and adults, kind-hearted and discerning. We want them to be self motivated and to challenge themselves to achieve their best.

Come and see for yourself why we are so excited about our new school and what it can offer you and your child.

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Would you like to register your interest in a place for your child at the School in the future and to keep up-to-date on how the school opening is progressing?

If yes, please email us the following information and we will contact you to let you know what the next stage in the applications process is.

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