At Emmanuel Community School all our procedures and ways of working are covered by detailed policies. These policies are designed to ensure consistency across the school, influence the quality of education, protect the welfare of our pupils  and provide relevant information to all interested parties, in particular parents and carers.

The school is required by law to develop and implement certain statutory policies covering such areas as safeguarding children’s welfare, health and safety, special educational needs etc. These policies are reviewed regularly and are agreed and ratified by the Governing Body and form part of our staff induction process.

Admissions Policy January 2020

Attendance Policy Nov 2021

Behaviour Policy 28_11_21 and Behaviour Policy COVID-19 Addendum

Charging & Remissions Policy Nov 20

Complaints Policy Procedures June 21

Curriculum Policy May 2020

EAL Policy February 21

Educational Visits

First Aid Policy February 2022_

Health & Safety Policy November 2020

PSHE_Policy Oct 2019

PREVENT safeguarding policy statement  PREVENT statement forms part of our Safeguarding Policy but is available here to view.

Remote Learning Safeguarding Policy & Action plan February 2021

Safeguarding_Policy_Nov 2021

Safeguarding Policy Addendum COVID-19

Safer Recruitment and Selection Policy

SEND Policy February 21 and Disability Equality Policy July 17

Scheme of delegation October 21

Whistle Blowing Policy