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Reception – Red Class

Welcome to Reception Class Home Learning page with useful links to help you with your home learning:

Red Class Home learning Learning Tasks:

Summer Learning pack:


Week 1
Teaching Pirates to be Fair a Halving PowerPoint
Cheese and Apple Pirate Ships Recipe Step-by-Step Instructions
Create Your Own Treasure Map
Jakes First Day Story PowerPoint
Jakes First Day Story PowerPoint
Pirate Themed Cutting Skills Activity
Pirate Themed Number Formation 1-10 Activity Sheet
Pirate Themed Pencil Control Activity Sheets
Pirates Home Learning Challenge Sheet Reception FS2
Pirates Simple Sentence Cards

Week 2
Brum Brum Car Park Addition and Reasoning PowerPoint
Out For Delivery Number Recognition to 10 PowerPoint
Travel and Transport Simple Sentence Cards
Road Themed Number Formation
Transport Colouring Pages
Transport Cutting Skills Activity Sheet
Transport Pencil Control Path Activity Sheets
Transport Themed Home Learning Challenge Sheet Reception FS2

Week 3
Challenge Cards Dinosaur Park
Dinosaur Pencil Control Worksheets
Dinosaur Themed Number Formation 1-10 Activity Sheet Straight 1-4 and 9
Dinosaurs Home Learning Challenge Sheet
Dinosaurs Simple Sentence Cards
Hide a Saurus Dinosaur Number Matching Cards Super Eco Colour
Hide a Saurus Story Powerpoint
I Spy
Label the Dinosaur Worksheets
Science Experiment Prompt Card
Science Experiment

Week 4

Design a Superhero Worksheets
Design a doggy Superhero Activity Sheet
Design a Superhero Mask
Science Experiment Extended Prompt Card
Science Experiment
Superhero Jetpack Craft Instructions
Superhero Themed Pencil Control Worksheet
Superhero Themed Scissor Skills Activit Sheets
Superheroes Addition Up To 10 Activity Sheet
Superheroes Themed Home Learning Challenge Sheet Reception