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April 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

As the country continues to remain in lockdown, you may find that your child is understandably concerned or worried about what is happening.  For younger children this may be because their routine has changed and they don’t fully understand why they are no longer able to go to school.  However, for older children it could be that they have read online or heard in the news frightening or conflicting facts regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).  It may also be that they now know of someone who has been unwell.

If you feel able, it is recommended that you talk to them honestly about what is happening in a calming and reassuring way.  Children can’t be shielded from learning about what is going on but you can help to ease their anxiety by talking through their worries with them.  Please have a look at the ‘making a worry jar’ activity which could be a good way of starting conversation with your child as children often find it easier to initially write down their concerns.  Further resources and links are also attached for your use.

Remember that you are not expected to have all the answers but by keeping conversations open your child will feel reassured that you are continuing to keep them safe. We don’t underestimate the effect that all these recent changes have also had on you too; so we have put together a list of online wellbeing support for adults which you may find useful.

We know that you are all doing a fantastic job at home and appreciate the way you are keeping your children engaged in learning through new and creative ways.

Stay safe.

Mrs Greaves
Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

Online wellbeing support for adults

Online wellbeing support for children

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